(Mix) Z & Ellen

For some years now, I have always encouraged my clients to provide me with a playlist of songs they like and love. I ask them to point out what songs they absolutely want to hear while they are dancing as well as during dinner. I believe this allows the clients to create a more personal event. Just like I do not like playing the same music every weekend, I am sure the guests at these events do not want to hear what they hear at every Wedding. One of my motivations as a DJ, is hearing from the banquet staff or some guests or the vendors at the Wedding commenting on the choice of music I am playing. I like being different. I like a challenge. And most importantly, I want each Wedding to be different from the last. Of course, there are the popular songs I play at most events, but I allow the clients to help me create a musical journey. A journey that sets apart the Wedding where I am the DJ versus those where I am not.

Zeshan & Ellen (formal post to follow in the future), were a fantastic couple and it was truly an honor to be their Wedding DJ. The playlist I was provided was as fun and awesome as the great couple themselves.

I prepared the following mix because of how much fun I had being the DJ at Z & Ellen's Wedding. I had the idea to create a mix of songs I played at a Wedding for several other clients, but Z & Ellen really inspired me to take time and create one. The mix very well reflects the songs I played at their Wedding. The sequence of the mix is about 85% similar to what the sequence at the Wedding was. There are a few songs I didn't actually play but fit the parameters set by the couple. :) The mix is about 1 hour and 43 minutes long. Most of the songs have been shortened from actual playtime.

Z & Ellen, if you are reading this, I hope this mix brings the party back to the moment. :)

(Blog) Shadishop.co

One of my favorite wedding blogs: Shadishop.Co posted about one of our Weddings. :) Read on.


(Scottsdale, The Biltmore) Raj & Nicole

Raj & Nicole..... where to begin? I have mentioned many times before how fortunate I am to be working for some of the greatest couples. One of them is Raj & Nicole. Since the initial meeting to the end of the reception, they were super easy-going, fun, and enthusiastic. Their high-energy sangeet which featured a testimonial video of their friends was one of the funniest things I have heard/watched at a wedding. The sangeet also featured great performances by friends, the groom, and his brother. The dancing portion was fantastic, a preview to how the reception was going to be. The reception featured a surprise performance by the groom and his groomsmen to the song "Poison" by Bell Biv DeVoe, which will forever remind me of their wedding. A fun-filled weekend, great food, great guests, great family and a great couple.

Their wedding was coordinated, decorated, and designed by the incredible Suzanne Taussig, floral design by Wild Child Floral Design, captured in photo and video by Sameer Soorma Studios at the Arizona Biltmore.  

(Blog) ShadiShop.co

Another Shadishop.Co blog post about one of our Weddings. :) Read On.


(Maui, HI) Rijad & Liwei

Intimate Wedding has a new meaning after the Wedding of my best friend and his wife, Liwei. June 10th, 2013 marked the date for the Wedding closest to me, my closer group of friends and my family. My best friend since Freshmen year of High School has played a big role in the life of my little brother as well as my parents. I hope choosing me as their DJ did not take too much thinking, but even if it had, I would probably have not allowed anyone else to take away the honor.

My responsibilities were cut down to half, since they had arranged for sound and lighting services and I was to just hook up my mixer and my macbook to play music. I had created a pre-made mix for some time so I could join my newlywed best friend and his wife along with their families, my Mother, my little brother, our closest friends and of course my wife-to-be.

Every detail of the Wedding was just perfect. The location, the setting, the timing, the colors, the decor, the collage of pictures hung on a tree along with a delicious meal were all as great as it could have been. We had days and days of celebrating leading to the Wedding as well as after. Most Weddings go in the books, a good percentage are etched in my mind, this is one of the few that shall remain in my heart.

Photographs by L'Amour Photography.

Coordination & Design by Platinum Weddings & Events

(Gilbert, Villa Sienna) Priti & Pankaj

Priti & Pankaj. Where to begin? This absolutely fantastic couple kicked off the first Wedding season for 2013. If every couple were like Priti & Pankaj and if every Wedding were like theirs, my job would be super easy. Their Wedding festivities included some terrific friends that had the greatest things to say about the couple. Their family and friends came together to celebrate for two full days with incredible amounts of fun. Both the Bride & the Groom took part in performances to entertain their guests at the Sangeet that was held at the Wright House. Followed by their Wedding Ceremony & Reception at the beautiful Villa Sienna. To work with, to plan, to work for, and to please Priti & Pankaj was just one of the most pleasant experiences. All of the greatness their Wedding featured was topped off by their appreciative nature. I am blessed to have such wonderful couples to work for. 
Being a DJ is one thing....being a Wedding DJ is a whole another thing. Seeing people in love, witnessing their love for each other and being of help to provide entertainment for people who love to enjoy life....is what makes this job so greatly rewarding.

To add...Priti & Pankaj created something from their Wedding that truly allows everyone to see exactly how much fun they were and how much fun they missed out on, if they were not a part of their event. To witness this CLICK HERE.

Photography by: LightRain Images
Decor by: Kahani Wedding Design
Coordination by: RSVP
Video by: Motion8
Lighting by: US


(Mix) Lady Gaga

A few weeks ago, I attended a Lady Gaga Concert, and was super inspired to create a mix to share with everyone.

Its also downloadable. Enjoy!!

(Paradise Valley, Sanctuary) Heather & Jeremy

There are a million ways to start off this blog post. I put off blogging about this wedding for a while even though I had the pictures I had been waiting for. Main reason being: there was just too much to say about this Wedding. This will definitely make other brides a bit jealous, but appreciation sees no limits when the wonderful couple are super into music and super enthusiastic about the person who is in charge of entertainment for their event....rather than the DJ. From day 1, Heather & Jeremy both had won my heart, and since in my personal life I surround myself with the best people, I hope the same for my professional one too. Heather & Jeremy passed all expectations and blew my mind away with their amazingness, enthusiasm, energy and warmth-ness. To add, they are just one of most amazing looking couples, and to add more, they are just two of the most fun people I have the privilege of knowing. From the initial meeting till today, both Heather & Jeremy have been wonderful at keeping touch and talking more than just music and the Wedding. However, for most couples the Wedding is the most important thing, but to me something just as important is closure with your vendors, and definitely the one in charge of entertaining your guests. The funniest thing, I feel I contributed the littlest to entertain the guests that were unlike any others I have seen. The Wedding of Heather & Jeremy was quite intimate, with the guest list of approx 80 people, this set the record for my smallest Wedding, and boy, this Wedding was unlike any other.

Hmm...before I continue, let me finish bragging about my two new friends Heather & Jeremy Broffman. Fitness and Music enthusiasts. Heather during one of her visits in AZ to plan her destination Wedding also fit in her schedule a 4AM hike with me. The hike we chose was at the mountain on which sits the venue for her Wedding, Camelback Mountain. Followed by a very fun meeting/brunch/breakfast regarding Wedding and more. On the second visit, Jeremy joined us both on another 4AM hike followed by another meeting/brunch/breakfast. Days before the wedding, I was invited to join them both to meet their Bridal party and Family members, which was very heart-warming and they both insisted on me bringing my future bride.

The day of the Wedding!!! The Jewish ceremony overlooking the amazing Arizona sunset was simply breath-taking. The guests...mostly from the east coast, got to see what the west coast is all about with our sunsets while having cocktails in the terrace of the ballroom. When the time came, all curtains of the windowed-out (mostly windows for walls) ballroom were opened and guests got to peek into a room filled with elegance, modernness and every attention to detail. White dance floor, white leather DJ booth, chandeliers and white uplighting around the room were just some of the features for this decked out room designed by the fabulous Suzanne Taussig. I helped the wonderful couple put together a mix for their entrance emceed by one of the groomsmen, who did a terrific job getting everyone on their feet welcoming the couple, followed by a choreographed dance which again took the guest by surprise. House and electronic music played throughout the evening until another surprise performance by the Maid of Honor which kicked off open dancing. And the rest just makes this Wedding just that much awesome. Hoping to edit and upload the video I have recorded online. But for now enjoy the images by the wonderful Ruby Rideout.

(Paradise Valley, Sanctuary) Ariana & Deep

Weddings being my specialty, I always love when there is a very cool mix. One of the most unique ones have to be our wedding of Ariana & Amardeep, a Punjabi/Persian Wedding. The wedding kicked off with a ceremony featuring Sitar, Harmonium and Tabla players in a grass setup facing the ceremony with an altar under a tree with wooden chairs. The reception featured some of the most elegant decor by the lovely Suzanne Taussig. Every detail for this event was just perfect. The couple had the a great entrance song going into their first dance...which was a first and their guests were just some of the most fun people out there. The fusion between the culture was super heart-warming. Seeing all the Persians and Americans dancing to Punjabi music and watching all the Punjabis dance to Persian music super heart-warming. This is definitely a first and going in the books as one of the best weddings.

Enjoy the pictures by the Super talented Mr. & Mrs. Soorma of Sameer Soorma Photography.

(Mix) Bollywood Meets House

Presenting another Bollywood Mix.

This one is a bit different than most. Since this is now the era of House music, DJ's are able to shine even brighter. Many remixes from famous DJ's were used to make this compilation I am quite proud of.


Mausam (DJ A. Sen)
Ek Mein Aur Ek Tu (DJ A. Sen)
Bachna Ae Haseeno (DJ A. Sen)
Aja Mahi (DJ Dev & DJ Lijo)
O Carol (DJ Pankaj & DJ Ajay)
Desi Boyz (DJ A. Sen)
Jee Karda (DJ A. Sen)
Sheila Ki Jawani (DJ A. Sen)
Disco Dancer (DJ Amar & DJ Ribin)
Pappy Can't Dance (DJ A. Sen)
Munni Badnam (DJ A. Sen)
I Hate Love Stories (DJ A. Sen)
Ainvayi Ainvayi (DJ A. Sen)
Mere Sapno Ki Rani (DJ A-shay & DJ Vishal)
Pungi (DJ A. Sen)
Rum Whisky (DJ A. Sen)
Desi Girl (DJ A. Sen)
Choli Ke Peche (DJ Vaggy & DJ Stash)
Amplifier (DJ A. Sen & DJ Ashish B)

Hoi & Nick

The last wedding for this spring was for the wonderful Hoi & Nick. Throughout the booking process both Hoi & Nick were fabulous and very enthusiastic about their Wedding. Since Nick was not from AZ he was definitely not used to the brutal heat. However the ceremony took place under a tent at the Isle Of Capri in the beautiful JW Marriott Desert Ridge. I was only overseeing equipment at the ceremony, which required almost no work, so I sort of attended my first ever Wedding, and that too, my favorite kind. At Hindu weddings, words are all in Sanskrit (equivalent to Latin of South Asia), so understanding words is difficult, however, the words in the Christian Ceremony were in English, and very heart warming. Ceremony, short, sweet and featured beautiful string quartet by the couples friends. There was nothing I could think of to make this ceremony any more perfect. After the ceremony was over, I did not even realize that we had just sat through 30 minutes or so under 110 degree weather.

Hoi & Nick were just so awesome to work for. Their friends all were so pleasant, the speeches, the games that they played, their first dance and their cake were all just perfect ingredients for a perfect Wedding. The following are a teaser pictures from John Yao of Simply Two Photography. Hope to be able to share more in the future.

Farrah & Atif

One of the last Weddings for Spring was for Farrah & Atif. The week this Wedding took place was simply the busiest week I have had this entire year. At the end of day two, I was able to take a deep breath. Both celebrations took place at the Sheraton Crescent. The Bride was highly involved in the planning of the entire wedding, specially the lighting. She was very enthusiastic about the turn out and in the end very appreciative of my work. Worked this Wedding with a very dear friend of mine and also a fantastic photographer, Ruby Rideout. This was definitely an intimiate Wedding compared to others, however the decor was one of the best for this Wedding.
Enjoy, all watermarked pictures belong to Ruby Rideout, while rest belong to me.

Ramya & Srikant

There definitely are not enough words to explain how fabulous the wedding of Ramya & Sri was. There were many factors that don't exist on many other weddings that Ramya & Sri's wedding featured. One of the most important ones was the musical influence on both sides of the family. The wedding like most Desi weddings consisted of two days of celebrations. The first day, the Mehendi and the second day, the Ceremony and the Reception. The Mehendi featured tons of fabulous performances but the highlight amongst those were performances in which both bride and the groom were involved. For the first time in my life I witnessed an Acapella performance, and that too of such a sensational group, Penn Masala. Upon research after the wedding I found that they have performed around the world, and have videos on YouTube with millions of hits.

The Reception, featured one extravagant dance performance by the bridal party....that ended up in a Flash mob....and I it did not consist of 20, 30 people, it was a lot more than that. Another highlight of the event was the First dance...which was written and sung by the Groom. Dinner was over at 9ish...and dancing began at 9:30....and ended at 12:30. A bit longer than most events, but, due to the awesomeness of where the wedding was celebrated, The JW Marriott, we were allowed to host an afterparty at another different ballroom from 1 to 3 AM. The music choices of the bride and groom as well as the requests from the guests were all awesome, and all came together for tons of dancing, and I could have not been a happier DJ. Although I worked 20+ hours on the day of the Reception, I had the energy, more so the will, to go on much longer.

It gives me the utmost pleasure to get the opportunity to work for such an awesome couple. And I feel truly blessed for the chance to play a role in the celebration. Attached are images by Sameer Soorma and a highlight video by Robles Video.

New Mix: April 2012

Can't recall if I have shared my SoundCloud account on here.

Anyways, I update my account with new mixes every few months. And this month happens to be one of them. It's a mix of about 30 or so tracks. Hope you enjoy!!

Click Here!!!!


Basima & Asif (Trailer)

The wedding of Basima & Asif is definitely one of the highlights of this year. The Mehendi took place at their beautiful home in Gilbert...which featured over the top decor and lighting. There even were searchlights for guests to easily find where the party was at. Noise ordiance, I believe allows amplified music until 11:00. We were able to pull it off until about 11:45 :) But by then there were tons of complaints from miles and miles away. The Reception took place at the awesome Ritz-Carlton. Working with the Latif family was a delight, everyone from the family members to the guests were very pleasant to work with. And along with it all, we worked with one of our favorite vendors, NoBox Films. The following video is just a jist of their excellence.

If the video does not work, here is the link!!! 

Basima+Asif {Wedding Trailer} from NoBox Films & NoBox Productions on Vimeo.

Asa & Ish

The last wedding for March was for one of the liveliest couple Asa & Ishtiaque. Their wedding featured two days of celebrations. Both of their receptions took place in two of Arizona's hidden venues. The first reception was at the McCormick Ranch Golf Club, which has sort of an Indoor/Outdoor type of deal. Almost 80% of the walls retract into themselves or open so the view of the lake can be enjoyed which is followed by the beautiful scenery of Arizona's Sunset. The night of the first reception also featured a surprise that came with a BANG :) The second reception took place at another one of my favorite venues: Marriott at the Scottsdale Mountains in North Scottsdale.

The wedding was a huge success, everything flowed perfectly and like most events people danced way past midnight. The funner the couple, the better the wedding is....and Asa & Ish's wedding was just that. They both were on the dance floor for 99% of the time. Their involvement on the dance floor, their awesome taste in music, made both nights just perfect. I am absolutely certain that they did not just warm my heart but everyone else attending as well as working their event. This past weekend was definitely a reminder to myself why I love my job.

Enjoy the pictures, video to follow.

Shalini & Ankur

Another awesome wedding at the JW Marriott. And of course photography by Mr. Sameer Soorma. Shalini & Ankur's wedding was quite an elaborate one. The Mehendi took place at the Airport Marriott, the Ceremony (Isle Of Capri) and reception at the JW. The Marriott team helped with the lighting as well for this event. Coordination was done by Suzanne Taussig. Video by AVL Films, but last but not least, the amazing Marriott Staff helped put together this elaborate wedding.


Faiza & Haneef

2011 has been an awesome year for Destination weddings. Its funny, about a year and a half ago, I had no knowledge about Destination weddings. Many would think ...as I did, that people would leave Arizona to get married elsewhere, but it indeed is also the other way around for many people. There are definitely some beautiful venues here, and of those, one would definitely be the the venue Faiza & Haneef chose to celebrate their wedding, The Ritz-Carlton. On 11/11/11 we provided sound & lighting for Faiza & Haneef's Reception which featured a live Band from Atlanta. Then on 11/12/11 we provided sound, lighting and entertainment for their wedding Reception. The night of the 11th featured phenomenal performances by two vocalists, two drummers of which one was a master of the dhol and dholak, as well as a keyboardist. To top of the fine entertainment on the 11th...the Groom's father even performed a beautiful melody. The night of the 12th featured some of the sweetest and the most humorous speeches and about 4 hours of dancing. Hope to be able to share the professional pictures soon.