The DJ's, are the authority figures at In-The-Mix Entertainment. They found and run it as well. Each have a specialty  and are skilled to work many types of events. We believe passion is what makes us strive for better. We work with the client/couple to create an ultimate playlist to make each event stand out from the rest. We read the crowd and maintain a high-energy flow of music. We all are music nerds, so we are constantly updated on current music. We are capable of audio production and edit most of the tracks we use, which keeps our sets energetic, different and exciting. All of the above applies to create a perfect night of dancing, while mixing creatively and keeping the guests entertained. Our goal with each event is to create a stress-free booking and planning process, leading to the day(s) of where we want our clients to feel like a guest at their own event. 

Meet the lead, DJ Adi.

I grew up with a love for music. Although I never wrote or sang, I always had a love for music and wanted to mix music. At age 15, I was able to take a step towards my dream. After a few baby steps, I absolutely fell in love with the art, and with each practice and each gig I loved deejaying more. I then understood that I was meant for this. Although, I have full production capability and do lighting design for events, my ultimate love is being a DJ. I am a DJ first, everything else after. 

Whether it be just one person on the dance floor or a thousand, I am always in the moment while mixing. I believe I am at my best when I feel the music. I find my job amazingly fun but, I take it seriously. I have spent the better part of my years learning to become a DJ and this journey has helped me grow personally and professionally, therefore, i never take a gig/wedding for granted.

Like many DJ's, I have my favorite style. but, priority is what the couple/client wants. I love hearing ideas and I love knowing what is expected of me. With every gig, I want to outdo my best performance. I believe that the greatest encouragement for guests to dance, at any any event, is if the couple or the host are on the dance floor. For that, I highly encourage a playlist that the couple/host would LOVE. I also believe that this makes the Wedding/event become more personal. Most of my future clients know of me through a previous friend, or have heard me play before. It is a great honor to be trusted with the responsibility of adding to a party. Because of that trust, I aspire to do the best that I can. My goal is to keep the Bride & Groom on the dance floor as long as possible and execute the timeline as perfectly as possible.


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