Kajal & Nimit

Quick post about an event we did this past weekend while its still fresh in my mind. I had the pleasure of working with one of my favorite Coordinators, Suzanne Taussig, along with the great Nobox Films and Light Rain Images. On top of all the finest Vendors...the event took place at one of the finest locations in AZ, The Renaissance Hotel. The day started at 8AM....and did not end until 2AM. So the next day after the reception, I was pretty worn out. The past few weekends have been a little bit too crazy with 15+ hours per event. The pictures are nothing to rave about but watch the phenomenal video by possibly the greatest Cinematography company in existence. The video btw...was edited the same day.

Kajal+Nimit Wedding {Same Day Edit} from NoBox Films & NoBox Productions on Vimeo.

Harpreet & Jazz

This post features another Sikh Wedding we were honored to be a part of. The clients...super fun to work with, very enthusiastic and most importantly were very trusting towards us. A lot of special moments were created during this event, but there was one that was extra-ordinary, the Bride & Groom's surprise performance for their first dance. One of the groomsmen was a fabulous dhol player and he was playing away the whole time for us :) We had the pleasure of working some of the finest vendors.....yet again.

Designers: Amethyst Designs
Photographer: Justine Miller

Enjoy the pictures. Watermarked images are of Justine Miller while the rest are our own.

 The Videographers

 This is by far the most beautiful monogram we have ever created.

Hagerty Photography

One of the grand events we worked...which is featured in few of the past blogs included a phenomenal professional photography company...Hagerty Photography. The following images has been published on their blog as well, but I had to blog about it too. The pictures are simply amazing and hope you all enjoy them as much as I have.

Juvaria & Khurram

My team and I worked the wedding of Juvaria & Khurram at the beautiful Enchantment Resort this past labor day weekend. This was our first event in Sedona and the event was nothing short of what we expected. The venue was beautiful, the staff were very helpful, the crowd was very responsive and the weather....perfect. It was quite something to get away from this heat and work an event somewhere new after a while. The first night of the featured a lot of performances from cousins and friends and the second night was just simple and elegant like most wedding receptions. We provided uplighting, intelligent lighting and monograms on top of professional DJ & sound. Not many pictures were taken, but we hope to receive some in the near future form our awesome photographer Mr. Sahil Soorma.

NoBox Films

Providing services for weddings, does not only mean just providing whats promised. There are a few vendors out there, that go above and beyond to do their jobs. Amongst those vendors is a Wedding Cinematography company known as NoBox Films. Working events with vendors is awesome, but being able to recommend awesome vendors, is simply amazing. I have had the honor to work several weddings with NoBox and it is quite exciting when we see NoBox Films on the itinerary for an event. They have produced trailers for events we worked together before, but the following one is the most recent one. Their trailer is nothing short of perfect and its just exciting to see more in the future.

Sonal & Sanjay Patel

August 6th marked the date for a beautiful wedding of Sonal & Sanjay Patel at the Hyatt Regency. Everything about this event was simply impeccable. One of the most popular wedding coordinators along with one of the best videographers and photographers as well as one of the leading Entertainment & Lighting providers came together for this fine elegant affair. The day begun with a beautiful ceremony, a luncheon and then a grand wedding reception. The MC, the speeches, the toast, the song choices all made this night one to remember. I know I saw positive things quite often, and for that I am thankful. This event was just one of those we faced absolutely no obstacles, and positive energy was all around. The speeches....quite amusing, the entrance....quite different and the response from the crowd to each song I played.....unbelievable. Our bride, Sonal, a huge music enthusiast, contributed in creating one of the best playlists which featured songs of all genres since the 60's till today. It was quite an honor to be a part of this great event. After a thousand e-mails, a hundred phone calls, and a few meetings, we pulled of one of the biggest events we've put together. Special thanks to Emily Edwards from Your Heart's Desire Wedding Consulting, my entire team and the Hyatt for helping the night flow as smooth as ice. A few days helped recover from this event, and now a week or two before the busiest season begins. Enjoy the pictures and video.

Sonal & Sanjay Patel from In-The-Mix Entertainment on Vimeo.

St. Mary's Prom 2010

Another prom that stood out this past season was for St. Mary's, which took place at the AZ heard museum. This was our first prom for St. Mary's and we sure hope to be a part of their proms in the future. We provided DJ, Sound, Lighting & Percussion services for St. Mary's. Special thanks to Steve for programming the lights for us, Sean for Drumming, Ruby Rideout for the Images & Eric Ludwig for providing video coverage, not posted here.

Goldwater Prom 2011

Our last prom for 2011 was for Barry Goldwater High School, which I graduated from 4 years ago. It was hosted at the Arizona Science Center, which by the way is a phenomenal venue with outstanding staff who helped make our Proms possible. This was also our second prom that took place at the Science Center.

We were fortunate to be a part of this event due to Mr. Steve Swangroon of Swang Entertainment. Steve, a dear friend as well as an inspiration for me and our team. Steve aka DJ Cheeno has been in the business much longer than we have and him being on board for advice and help is making our team so much better. Steve worked Goldwater's proms previously and asked me to be part of it. And our collaboration definitely gave Goldwater a show they could remember forever. I met Steve on the tennis courts at Goldwater back in 2003 when I played for the school team. I was not even dreaming of becoming a DJ when I had first met him, a about a year or two after meeting him, I was into deejaying and was excited to know a DJ. But fate had in store for me the life I never imagined of and someday deejaying with one of the finest DJ's in the industry, DJ Cheeno, a Prom for the school I attended.

The night of the show was quite memorable for me and the team. Sadly, some of our team members were not able to attend this event, we made up for it by having even more fun. We had Steve on his Turntables, Myself on my own, Sean Michael Fay on the drums, Stephen Tsang & Amarjoyt Singh on the Cameras, Gabrielle Fay on the Light Controller, Sean Gray and Akanimo Okon for setup/takedown AND our hype men Rahul Prasai & Jevin Hodge. Played all sorts of music to have the 500+ Prom attendees on their feet all night long.

It was a pleasure to work with everyone, and I am already excited for the Homecoming season coming up.

McClintock Prom 2011

We worked the second prom with McClintock at the Arizona Science Center. McClintock is definitely one of the greater schools we work for. Although a school very small, but they are one of the most heart-warming schools. From their security guard to their principal, each member of the school with an exception of few students :P everyone is great to work with and great just as a person. The high school itself is like a family, and each time I am on campus for an event or a meeting, I miss my high school days quite a bit. This year we were inquired by Jevin Hodge, who is the Student Council president, and a pretty neat guy who was very enthusiastic about the schools prom.

Anyways, we broke our setup time for a Prom with less than 3 hours and with just 4 people. Usual setup take about 6+ and 8+ people. With the cooperation and greatness of the AZ Science Center's staff, we were able to pull off in 3 hours.

Chetan & Pooja

The most challenging day of my life was the day our company covered the wedding of Chetan & Pooja. This was during college graduations, and most of our team were out of town for this day. And acknowledging the fact that I would be alone for this event....I made it a challenge for myself. Our trucks were loaded up from previous events so I did not have to load. The day started for me at around 8 AM 6 hours after I had gotten home from their Mehendi the night before. Upon arrival at the venue, I setup my laptop and made sure the sound systems were good to go for the ceremony taking place outdoors. This was during a cold front in Phoenix, and the temperature was around 52 degrees. I was wearing a very thin outfit that I usually wear when I play the dhol, which was a horrible thing. After the music was good to go at the ceremony, ran over to where the Baraat was taking place. Played the dhol in the freezing cold for about 30 minutes. Most baraats take about 10-15 minutes, but the way for the baraat was super long, but the worst factor was the weather. My body was freezing up and my fingers were numbing up. So got to the ceremony site, upon completion of the ceremony I ran to the reception hall, where I had already loaded up everything, setup everything I could, then ran back to the ceremony hall where they were doing the Vidai (goodbye) ceremony. Then ran back to the reception hall and finished setting up everything. Was surprised to how quickly I had gotten everything done. Had a few hours to kill before I needed to be there for the reception, so I went home and relaxed for a bit before the reception that lasted until about 1:30 AM. The ceremony, was beautiful, the horse was beautiful, every aspect of the reception was just absolutely beautiful, and Mr. Sameer Soorma captured each aspect even more beautifully.

Aman & Vinny

We just got a hold of some images from an event we covered a few months ago. Just a week ago we covered another wedding in the same family, and that reminded me of this one. The wedding of Aman & Vinny took place at the Niskam Seva Gurdwara, and the reception followed at the Hilton in Mesa. Typical Punjabi reception, a lot of bhangra and a lot of dhol. I do not recall who the photographer was however. Many last minute changes kept our hands full and our time constrained, but the fact that we were working for a family of a friend made the event a blast. These kinds of events truly allow you to appreciate your job of entertaining. 

Divya & Peter

I do not even know where to begin about this event. So many changes, yet we made everything happen, delays yet we got everything in order, we overcame glitches and we took care of all that needed to be taken care of in the finest way we knew how. From the beginning of the inquiry, the clients were a pleasure to deal with. A very fun couple who were not just easy to work with, but very enthusiastic about the details of the event as well as our services. I knew from when we signed, that this event would be one of a kind. And I was right. Felt super happy for them to see such a couple.

Even went out into the dance floor to dance with this delightful woman. :)

P.S. I usually do not write as much about a blog, and if you're a reader/previous client, please do not take this post offensively in anyway. We simply had a great event working for a family that became more than just clients. :)

Sharan & Jason

The first event our team came back to after our vacation was for the wedding festivities of Sharan & Jason. The Sangeet took place at the Ashley Manor, the Ceremony at the Nishkam Seva Gurdwara and the Reception at the JW Marriott. A very fun event to come back to, unfortunately no decent images from the event were captured, but hope to post some when we receive it from our wonderful photographer. For now here are the ones we have.
Blog's about Nepal coming soon.

Lauren Nicole Photography

One of our proms this year was covered by one of the sweetest person I have had the pleasure to work with. Lauren Nicole Bell of Lauren Nicole Photography captured the beautiful image attached below, which is a teaser to many more from that event. When I saw this, I was just so much more anxious to see the other ones. I cannot thank her enough for the favor she did for us, and sure hope that we can work together for the years to come.

Find her facebook page here.
And her website here.

Phul & Sweeny

The week of April 14th... we worked the very first wedding in our company, the wedding of one of our DJ's and a very close friend, Mr. Phulpreet Singh Sodhi. 3 overwhelming events concluded the wedding week where we witnessed many events, trends that I had not witnessed before. It was a honor to be a part of the wedding.

April 14th: Ring Ceremony, The Castle @ Ashley Manor
Fireworks, amazing food, performances, dancing, and our very first time....uplighting the entire front of The Castle.

April 15th: Mehndi, Dr. D's beautiful Home

April 16th: Reception, The Westin Kierland Resort
Performances by one of the very best Bhangra Teams, the most delicious cake and tireless guests who never wanted to stop dancing.

The 3 days consisted of 56 hours of labor....and about a thousand miles of driving. It sort of started off as a challenge set by myself and Inderpreet (DJ Ilu). We challenged ourselves to put together all three days on our own. We almost pulled it off, until the last event, where we required the help of our fellow workers Sahib Singh and Manga.

Enjoy the pictures and the video. The first three pictures are by CB Art Photography from MD. Rest from us :)


Vikram & Pooja

This past weekend, we provided sound and lighting services for one of our biggest events of this year. Uplighting, Intelligent Lighting, Sound, DJ, Dholi, CD Favors, Monograms were services we provided for this event that took about a month to plan.

Event setup started at 1:00, event started at 6:30 and the event ended about 12:00. Best part...dancing began at 9:00 and would have not ended by 12 unless the bride had taken the mic and asked guests to eat because there was more than half of the food left.

Worked with Sameer Soorma of Sameer Soorma Photography, and was a pleasure. Follow his blog and check out his awesome website.


Bal & Sandeep

First of all,

This is recap of one of our fun events from August.

Venue: Ocotillo Golf Resort
Date: August 28th, 2010

This was one of the most anticipated events, one of the reasons because the bride was from England, and she was curious to see to the entertainers in AZ, and the other main reason being they were just a wonderful and fun couple.

Video attached as well as Photos by Trevor Dayley Photography


McClintock PROM 2010

Out of all the proms we did and are doing this year, McClintock's Prom was the most elaborate one. I fulfilled a lot of goals this night and outdid myself by a LOT. I knew after going into this gig that it was going to be one HECK of an event....and that plus 10 times more is what it turned out to be. Broke many records for this event. Amount of lights used, amount of power, amount of watts, amount of manpower, amount of help, number of crew, amount of songs, glowsticks, projections. We did almost everything for this event. At the companys' full potential, we gave McClintock its BEST prom yet.

My debut with my drummer, Sean Michael Fay was this night where he and i had a set of about an hour and a half where we had a DJ and a Drummer duo. After first being exposed to Travis Barker & DJ AM years ago, i was really inspired to start something of this sort and had been on a lookout for months for a chance to jam with someone who was into music as much as me and was a great drummer. We went on about 9:30 and played till 11 together and so far as we know it, majority of the crowd loved it. As we played, it had me jumpin up and down along with the crowd and many students air drumming as well. I would say on a rating between 1-10, I was at a 10 this night.

Our performance, I believe was near perfect, and we had very minor flaws that were easily overlooked by the greatness of the rest of it. I think i was way too happy to not brag about this.

However, we got tons of compliments before the event, from the event coordinator at the venue, from the event coordinator at the school, the teachers, the security even and of course the staff that assisted us to complete our biggest show yet.

Also, last year i had about 2 HUGE shows. This year i have outdone my last best show over 5 times. Without our team members, the great friends who help me hand in hand run this company of ours, i would be nothing and this night would not be there to remember.

April 24th 2010, The 5th Biggest show of the year for In-The-Mix Entertainment, and definitely the most fun me, our team has EVER had at an event. We hope for tons more like these, and i appreciate all your support. Enjoy the pictures and the video attached.

Elvis & Shebani

On the night of March 28th, 2010. We provided sound and lighting for a Jewish & Indian wedding reception for Elvis & Shebani. The reception was held at the Pointe Hilton on Tapatio cliffs. About 250-300 guests of which 95% were married couples. The event started off with a grand entrance which led into Jewish dances and of course Jewish chair dancing. This was also my first Jewish event so experiencing the Chair Dances were very interesting and fun to watch. 95% of the music at the event consisted of Oldies Jazz, RnB, Blues... The groom had quite the selection and most of the songs were specific requests. A very pleasant evening, great crowd, very amusing speeches, great food, drinks and a very fun event.


Chris & Erin

On the evening of March 20th, 2010 I was honored to be a part of Chris & Erin's wedding reception at the Ponite Hilton. The reception was greatly put together, great location, weather, food and drinks. The toasts by the best man, maid of honor and the bride's father were all sweet and funny. The first dance featured something I had never experienced before, FIREWORKS. Both the bride and groom seemed to have enjoyed the wedding and their guests as well. I was able to put together very raw footage of the event with the help of my friend Rijad. I hope you all enjoy the video and pictures by Melissa Dunstan.

-DJ Adi