Of course its biased, the best Weddings for me are those where the bride and or the groom are near and dear to my heart. This one, the groom: Sahib. Mr. Groom and I used to DJ together years and years ago. Sahib, his brother and his family happen to be some of my favorite people in this world. We attended Arizona State together, both broskis and I. Sahib also refined my dhol skills. Fast forward a few years, when he had asked his princess to become his queen, he also proposed for me to DJ the Wedding celebrations!!! I was beyond ecstatic because my buddy loves the finer things in life, so I knew this wedding would be extravagant beyond belief. And it was, to say the least. Every detail of this wedding was so perfect and so cool and so SAHIB & PRIYA!! Although my Queen, my partner in life and myself, busted our behinds for this Wedding, we enjoyed every bit of it. We were so pleased with the outcome and we were beyond grateful of the comments we received from everyone. We used more speakers, more subs, more lights, more projectors, more mics, more dhol players than ever. We even had CO2 blasters. The dance floor was covered with their logo and the ballroom engulfed in lighting. Two super awesome dhol players along with one of the coolest desi artists: KAY V SINGH, performed. It all came together to make for a super fun Wedding weekend. 8 hours of sleep in 4 days for 3 events, 2 baraats....did I mention we had a Phantom and a Ferrari at the baraat? It was a wedding to be remembered forever, and a Wedding to outdo, when the younger brother of Sahib gets married. :)